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Country Crock cookies!

I recently got a coupon from Influenster that let me get some free Country Crock butter spread. I also got a recipe to make some cookies. I have never tried making cookies with a spread before so I thought it sounded fun.
I added some dried mango to the mix and they were really good. Not too sweet and really moist. I didn't bake the whole batch so I'm brain storming on what I should mix in next.

Jingle Vox Box video is finally up!

Took me 2 mics and over 3 takes to make it, but I finally got the video recorded and edited.
I love getting Vox Boxes from Influenster because it lets me try new things I might not have looked at otherwise.

I know, how can tater tots be better? Toppings!

I got a coupon from Influenster to get a free bag of tater tots. This was good timing because I had just run out of the bag I had before.

This is where I made it. I put the Ore-Ida® Tater Tots in my fridge to thaw over night. I used my waffle iron to cook them and then I put some Sargento Authentic Mexican blend cheese and let it melt for a minute. I then added some ketchup over the top. It was so good and I even made another batch.

Let me know if you make your own #OreIdaTotchos! Also let Kraft know as well.

All that moisture.

Everyone here should know how much I love Influenster. I like giving my opinion on things and checking to see what other people think of them before buying. I recently got the cutest jar of Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream in my latest box. I already liked the Daily Facial Moisturizer, so I knew this would be good too.
I was not wrong. It is a little thick for me to use during the day, but it is really nice to use at night before bed. I wake-up feeling nice and soft.

Though I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster, all opinions are your own.

Second Vox box!

This time I got the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume. I first learned about this from my Ulta magazine and TV commercials. I loved how the ads looked and was curious how it smelled. I was visiting an Ulta and gave it a few spritzes. I thought it was nice but wasn't overly impressed by it. I liked my Harley Quinn perfume from Hot Topic better.
I then got it in my second ever Vox Box and got to give it another try. I don't know what it was about it, but I like it a lot more this time. Maybe the concentration is better or maybe because I took a shower soon after trying it the first time and didn't really get to know it.

Though I got my sample from Influenster for free, I like it all on my own.

Long Time No Typey.

I just wanted to put this here since I am sooooo excited. I got my first Influenster Vox-box the other day. If you don't know what that is, it is a sight that lets you review things and they will sometimes send you things to review. I got the new Curel Anti-Itch lotion and body wash. The lotion is super nice and absorbs very quickly. I have not tried the body wash yet, but it has the same very faint lemon scent, though it doesn't have any added fragrances.
They even sent me a coupon and I know I will be definitely using it!


I was at work and got a call from my fiancee. He said the vet called and that I should call them back. He passed on that they said that his cyst was oozing puss, and he had pancreatic-something.

I called them back and the specialist said that she thinks that he has pancreatitis. He would also be getting antibiotics to try and make his cyst problem go away. She also talked about how if everything went well tonight he would get to come home tomorrow.
Since he is staying another night I had to bring them some of his food. I got to visit with him for about 40 mins and I was so glad because he was acting more like himself.
I'm so glad he is feeling better!

The specialist also talked about some studies that showed that cats with diabetes who are on a high protean diet need less or no insulin after a while. Once he is able to go home, she is going to send some food samples home with us. She also said that a diet with more canned food might help him lose some of his extra weight.

Mr. Jag is also proving something funny my mom and I have noticed. Free pets are expensive.
The hamsters I bought or the guinea pig I paid for only needed food and other standard needs. All of our free pets tend to need more medical bills. I should have given his old owner $5, he would be less expensive that way XD
Here is how it all went down that it ended with Mr. Jag staying at an emergency vet's over night.

My alarm went off and Mr. Jag let me know by meowing and such. We went downstairs and I gave him breakfast. I saw that when he used the litter-box sometime in the night that what he left wasn't totally to the diarrhea point, but was something I knew I had to keep an eye on.
He meowed to get let into the powder room with me and did he usual thing where he wants to be near, but thinks the room is too small.
I leave him and go to work as he uses my hoodie as a bad/pillow.
I get home and see a small hairball near where I had left him. I clean it. I don't think too much of it, I just make a mental note to give him some hairball stuff.
This is very odd, so I call to make sure he is okay. At first he is acting alright, and takes over the couch, since I am sitting on the floor.
As I begin to work on some stuff for my second job I hear him throw-up again. This time it was just foamy liquid. I hope this is a fluke and continue. I tell him to take a nap and drink some water. I even change his water so it is nice and fresh for him.
His intervals of throwing-up go from once an hr to an average of 20 mins. I call his vet and make an appointment for the next morning. He is also not overly interested in me petting him at all.
It all gets worse to him doing it a few times while moving from room to room.
At this point I rush him (as rushing as you can do in rush-hr traffic) to the emergency vet's office. One good sign to me was that he was meowing loudly to me the whole ride and didn't vomit.
They take him to the back quickly because he is diabetic and vomiting often. From their initial tests, his diabetic levels were still within a good range. I went back and talked to the vet, she suggested he stay overnight. I agreed and handed over a small fortune.
I got to say good night to him and I told the vet-tech who would be watching him funny storied about him and how much he loved his super-strong tail scratched. He looked so unhappy in there.
I headed home and worried.
About 11:30pm I get a call. So far he is fine, no throwing-up and his glucose levels are still good. This is good news and I wonder if it was silly that I left him (not that I could do anything about it) and I head to bed soon after with lovely thoughts of him coming home the next day.
About 12:30 I get another call. He has thrown-up and it has some blood in it. They want permission to do an ultrasound on him. I agree since one's blood normally doesn't just come out for a visit. I envision something from a horror film and freak out some more.
I get another call about 7:15. He hasn't vomited again since last night, but since it was pink-foam last night they want permission to do a full consultation if the ultrasound doesn't find anything. I agree to that too, I mean, we've done all this so far, why not more to figure it out.

Here are some of the things I hate right now.
I hate how I can't be there with him
I hate how he is scared and confused by many things right now: where he is, why is he throwing-up, why did I leave him there, why are they doing these things to him
I hate how it starts to look good, but then gets a bit worse
I hate how I can't do anything for him right now that he would know of
I hate how worried I am and that I can't just be confident that he will be better (I know he will be, but I'm also so worried)
I hate how it might be something I did/didn't do that caused this
I hate how he might need surgery, but since he is so old and has a heart murmur, we don't know if he could handle it
I hate how I keep hoping it was all a bad dream and he will come downstairs and meow for breakfast or something
I hate how now I have a good reason for leaving him over-night. I was fine with being overly cautious

I know he is in the best hands he can be (they are referred to by many vets in the area) and they are doing the best they can.
I also have this silly feeling like Mr. Jag and I are kind of like soul-mates. His eyes light-up when he sees me and he will ignore other people to come to me. He will also sometime only eat a bit of his dinner if I'm not there, saving the rest until I get home.

Ghost story.

This happened a while ago, but I forgot to post about it.

I was trying to fall asleep one night. Mr. Jag was in bed with me and he was already asleep. I heard a sound like a water bottle being crinkled. I figured there was some water in one of them and there was some sort of pressure change in it.
I heard it again and then I heard a thump in the hallway. I looked over and saw that the cat was still on the bed. Then I heard them again. I turned on the light to see if it was some small (uninvited) animal that was walking over the plastic bottle.
I turned off the light and said "G'night Mr. Jag and ghosties". The plastic bottle made one more, very short crinkle noise, and then it was quiet for the rest of the night.

Words about knitting.

I've been working my fingers off the last few days to get a baby project done. I started on Sun and need to have it done before Fri. On Tues I was taken to the movies and discovered something.
I can knit and watch movies. True, it needs to be garter stitch, and true, it needs to not have any increases. I can have decreases though. I got almost 10 rows done while watching One for the Money.
I'm also helping myself knit faster by keeping books of sock patterns nearby. I know that this means that I am rewarding myself for finishing my knitting with more knitting...but it makes sense...really.

But back to the movie. Here are the things I didn't like:
~Ranger didn't look tough enough. He looked too nice, strong enough, but not "silent scary, but super hot" like I picture him
~Morelli didn't look Italian enough. The actor being Irish probably doesn't help.
~Grandma Mazur's skin wasn't loose enough, but the person was perfect otherwise
~I always thought Stephanie's hair was shorter

Otherwise I really liked it and can't wait for more!!